Peer-Reviewed Publications

Dziurosz-Serafinowicz, P. & Kowalewska, A. & Janda, P. & Urbaniak, R. Decision-theoretic and risk-based approaches to naked statistical evidence: some consequences and challenges, Law, Probability and Risk, forthcoming in 2020.

Urbaniak, R. & Janda, P. Probabilistic models of legal corroboration, The International Journal of Evidence and Proof, 24(1),  p. 12–34, January 2020.

Janda, P. Measuring inaccuracy of uncertain doxastic states in many-valued logical systems, Journal of Applied Logic, Vol. 14, p. 95-112 March 2016.

Other  Publications

Janda, P. Report on Progic 2015 and Spring School on Inductive Logic, The Reasoner, 9(7), July 2015.

Work in Progress