Topic 1: Motivational Sceptics and Scientific Methods

Topic 2: Induction And Its Problems


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Topic 3: Falsificationism

Topic 4: Qualitative Confirmation

Topic 5: Scientific Revolutions And Rationality

Topic 6: Scientific Realism

Topic 7: Underdetermination

Topic  9: Conditional Credences and Conditionalisation

Topic 10: Bayesian Theory of Confirmation

Topic 11: Statistical Inference I: Location and Spread

Topic 12: Statistical Inference II: Hypothesis Testing

Philosophy of Probability (Overview): Actual Frequentism, Limiting Frequentism, and Propensity
Propositional Attitudes (Overview): Full Beliefs, Comparative Belief, and Degrees of Belief
Propositions and Probabilism
Introduction to Confimration Measures
Statistical Inference: Hypothesis Testing
Statistical Inference: Location and Spread